Tuesday Game Ideas

These are the three game ideas I have. I like all of these ideas and would be fine running a game for any of them. I've already weeded out like six or seven other ideas (either dropped entirely or had their key elements folded into the surviving three ideas). So whichever of them has the most interest is just fine for me.


All of my current ideas would be in a modified version of FATE.

Shared Ideas

All of these game concepts share some similar concepts.

  • A "punk" aesthetic with a big dichotomy between the have and have nots.
  • The fact that the group will be a small company/crew that works freelance rather than being tied to any large faction, at least initially.
  • Episodic campaigns, meaning youd have distinct smaller adventures that may include recurring or season long themes but also have a definite start and end.
  • Many challenges being non-combat but instead focusing around investigation or exploration. This also includes prep work, especially in the ShadowFATE idea.

Idea One: Eclipse FATE - Reclaimers

In the Eclipse Phase setting, using FATE rules. The group would be members of a reclaimer group - your job is going to dangerous and/or difficult to reach places to retrieve valuable items. This ranges from data to artifacts to people. Locations could range from the Martian TQZ to a derelict shuttle in trans-Jovian space to an abandoned research station bored into the ice of a Kepler object, to Fallen Earth. You may even do some Gatecrashing. You will be contacted for contracts by wealthy people, but also less well off folks looking for help, and you can also do jobs on spec, seeking out promising sites on your own and looting them for stuff you can sell off. You would not start out as Firewall but I would be okay if you went that route. There will be horror, but more in the vein of Aliens - action-horror.

Eclipse FATE Special Mechanics

  • Morphs! These give you a some abilities and probably an Aspect and a skill bonus. I will write up some standard ones, but there's definitely room for custom morphs. To encourage morph switching, each morph will be much closer in ability than in the core game.

Idea Two: ShadowFATE

Shadowrun in FATE! Pretty standard Shadowrun game, but with more of an emphasis on chrome shades and pink mohawks than icy cool professionalism for tone, and more GitS than Neuromancer for aesthetics. Think Black Lagoon.

ShadowFATE Special Mechanics

  • Archetypes! Shadowrun is all about having a special archetype, like Street Samurai or Adept or Technomancer or Rigger. Archetype is included in High Concept and opens up certain special stunts and powers. To simulate this, you get one nominal Refresh to spend on stunts or powers related to your archetype.
  • Metatypes! The other big thing is your metatype (elf, ork, troll, dwarf, etc). Like archetypes this comes in the High Concept and it opens up special stunts and powers. A metatype gives you one special power and one special weakness, and one nominal Refresh to spend on a stunt or power related to your metatype.
  • Cyberware! There will be 'ware, but I haven't decided exactly how it works yet.

Idea Two: Against the Titans!

A heavily Final Fantasy influenced mashup setting. You play Titanslayers, a crew of monster hunters who journey to the Wildworlds and slay the massive elemental forces of nature known as the Titans. Think Shadows of Colossus meets Final Fantasy XIII with heavy steampunk influences and a sprinkling of planetary romance. Custom setting so it's more flexible. Also, there are mecha! Well, magical power armor like mecha. Some people don't use mecha but instead have other awesome arcanotech items of similar power. There will be fantasy races but looking for non-standard stuff, rather than elves and such. Though per request there will be Oglaf dwarves.

Against the Titans! Special Mechanics

  • Titanslaying Crew! You're part of a formal company, with Licensing and a Letter of Marque and a Charter. The Crew will get some special aspects of its own and maybe even some communal Fate points.
  • Role! Each character gets a special Stunt for the role they pick in their High Concept. I am working on these, but it will let you do cool things that no one else can do.
  • Mecha! Essentially an item of power. Even if you decided not to have a mech, you'll get some equivalent special equipment of similar power. These are a special Aspect that provides a skill bonus and abilities, and can be changed out.