Turf Wars Game


Age: 20
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'
Weight: 170 lbs



Level: 50

STR 20 +5
DEX 30 +10
CON 10 +0
INT 6 -3
WIS 8 -2
CHA 30 +10






Feature Descriptions


Bandito Sword
Switch Blade
Hope's Father's Captain's Styler (40 Energy, -30 to Restraint roll)
Styler (25 Energy, -25 to Restraint roll)
Disguise Kit
Gold Coin
2 Potions
Special Ring +

Black Sludge - While held, Poison-Type Pokemon recover 1/10th of their HP per turn. While held, Non-Poison-Type Pokemon lose 1/10th of the HP per turn. (Held by Khanomtom)
S-Crystal x2 - When you use a damaging move that consults Attack for damage, you can instead consult Special Attack. The crystal breaks after one use. (One held by Palnatoki)
Fire Plate - Adds two STAB to Fire-Type moves when held. (Held by Zhu)
Holster - Allows use of two held items. (Held by Sai-fon)
Light Item (Lucario) - A fancy collar. Adds +4 CS to Attack and Speed. (Held by Sai-fon)
Focus Sash - When activated, once per day, if damage from a Move would take Focus Sash’s holder’s HP from Max to 0 or less, Focus Sash’s holder instead has 1 HP remaining. (Held by Sai-fon)
Black Glasses - Adds one STAB to Dark-Type moves when held. (Held by Nak)

Jigoro (Companion)

Pokémon Stats



Emolga M
Level 41
55000 EXP

Physical Evasion: 3
Special Evasion: 3

HP Atk Def SAtk SDef Spd
Base Stats 6 10 6 10 4 10
Current Stats 13 16 6 16 5 30

Hit Points 80/80


Motor Drive
The pokemon is immune to damage and the effects of Electric Type Moves. Whenever an Electric Type Move hits the pokemon, raise their Speed 1 Combat Stage.

Trigger - Daily
When a foe hits the pokemon with Static with a melee Move, they become Paralyzed after damage is dealt.


Overland 6, Surface 2, Sky 6, Jump 5, Power 2, Intelligence 4

Weight Class: 1

Egg and TM/HM Moves

Iron Tail – Steel
4d12+12 - EOT - 6
Attack - Melee
Effect: 1 Target, Pass
Iron Tail lowers the target’s Defense 1 Combat Stage on 19-20 during Accuracy Check.

Shock Wave – Electric.
1d10+10 - EOT - None
Special Attack - Ranged (2)
Effect: 1 Target, Column
Shock Wave creates a Column 2-meters wide. Shock Wave cannot miss.

Tickle – Normal
EOT - 2
No Damage - Melee
Effect: 1 Target
Lower the target’s Attack 1 Combat Stage and lower the target’s Defense 1 Combat Stage.

Level Moves

Acrobatics - Flying
1d10+15 - Battle - 2
Attack - Melee
Effect: 1 Target
If the user is not holding an item, Acrobatics deals an additional 4d10 during Damage Dice Roll.

Charge – Electric
EOT - None
No Damage - Self
Effect: No Target
If the user performs an Electric Move on their next turn that deals damage, use the Damage Dice Roll twice. Raise the user’s Special Defense 1 Combat Stage.

Double Team – Normal
Center - None
No Damage - Self
Effect: No Target
The user makes three copies of themselves and places them into the encounter adjacent to the user. The user must place some sign under the token of the original copy to mark it as the original. If a copy is hit by a damaging Move, it is destroyed. If the original is hit by a damaging Move, all copies are destroyed. Any copy can perform a Move but the user is still only allowed one Move per turn. All copies may shift each turn. When the user and its copies are targeted by a Move, foes must roll +2 during Accuracy Check to hit for the remainder of the encounter. When a copy disappears, the user loses 1d6 HP. Do not apply weakness or resistance to HP lost. Do not apply stats to HP lost.

Electro Ball - Electric
See Effect - Battle - 2
Special Attack - Ranged (10)
Effect: 1 Target
The target reveals their current Speed stat, applying Combat Stages. If the user’s Speed stat, applying Combat Stages is four times that of the target’s, Electro Ball uses 5d10+16 for Damage Dice Roll; if the user three times that of the target’s, Electro Ball uses 3d10+14; if the user is twice that of the target, Electro Ball uses 2d10+12; if the user is not twice as fast as the target, Electro
Ball uses 1d10+10.

Encore – Normal
Battle - 2
No Damage - Ranged (10)
Effect: 1 Target
The target must use the same Move that it most recently used for the next 1d4+2 turns. If the Frequency of the move doesn’t allow the Move to be used so often, the target instead cannot use a Move.

Pursuit – Dark
1d8+4 - EOT - 2
Attack - Melee
Effect: 1 Target, Interrupt
If the foe is fleeing or being switched out, Pursuit may be used as an Interrupt. While being used as an Interrupt, Pursuit may shift the user adjacent to the fleeing foe, up to 25 meters, ignoring Speed Capabilities, and attack them before they escape or are switched out with an additional 2d20+10 added to the Damage Dice Roll.

Spark – Electric
1d12+16 - EOT - 2
Attack - Melee
Effect: 1 Target, Dash
Spark Paralyzes the target on 15-20 during Accuracy Check.