Rin the Dungeoneer

Character Sheet


Aka-Ryuuzaki no Yoarashi no Michiyo-hime Tamarin



Class: Thief
Level: 4
XP: 5950/9600


HP: 13
AC: 5
Attack: +3 | +4 [base +2]
Damage: 1d8+1 | 1d6
Initiative: +2
Speed: 30’
Sneak Attack: +4 Atk, x2 Dmg


+8 vs Death Ray / Poison
+7 vs Magic Wands
+8 vs Paralysis / Petrify
+5 vs Breath Weapons
+6 vs Rod / Staff / Spell


STR 13 +1
DEX 16 +2
CON 11 +0
WIS 9 +0
INT 14 +1
CHA 12 +0


Skill Points: 0/5

+1 Etiquette (Elven)
+1 Geography
+1 History
+1 Jump
+1 Perform (Singing)

Thief Abilities

+5 Open Locks
+4 Find Traps
+4 Remove Traps
+17 Climb Walls
+6 Move Silently
+4 Hide in Shadows
+6 Pick Pockets
+8 Hear Noise
+15 Read Languages
N/A Use Magic/Use Scroll


Gold: 17gp 3sp
Sword, Normal
Bow, Short
Leather Armour (AC 7)
Thieves’ Tools
20 Arrows
Rope, 50’ (2)
Cloak, short
Fancy boots
Fashionable outfit
Oil flask (2)
Red powder flask (2)
Tinder box
Grappling hook
Hammer (small)
Iron spike (5)
2 Rabites (Gyokuto and Tsukito)


Weapon Feats: 1/3

Basic Bow, Short
Basic Sword, Normal

Biographic Information


Prove she’s the best dungeoneer alive. Prove she doesn’t need to be coddled and protected.


The eldest daughter of a Great House, Rin’s destiny seemed restricted to being little more than a pretty bird in a gilded cage, coddled and sheltered. Taught how to sing and perform, to one day win the Coral Throne with her talent, so her sisters could rule. A life dominated by appearances and ritual, nothing more than a celebrated figurehead without real responsibilities. Adored, but never relied upon.

Rin hated it. She hated all the bowing and scraping, she hated being useless. She hated that no one would let her do anything besides practice her arts, but wouldn’t argue with her either. She hated that it took half a minute for someone just say her name. She hated not being to do anything with any risk. It was made all the worse by the stories she was raised on, of adventures of fabled lost cities and hidden treasures.

So Rin ran away from home.

Since then, Rin has discovered that the stories were wrong. Adventuring, exploring ruins, it’s not as heroic as they say. It’s hard, dirty, dangerous work. It takes lots of careful preparation. Most of it involves very fiddly, painstaking work. Except for the couple-minute long interludes of heart-stopping terror, of bloody combat.

And Rin loves it.

She loves that she’s good at it, that it’s challenging. She takes enormous pride in being the most professional dungeoneer around. She learned from the best. And she found that she had an advantage - she loved the job for it’s own sake, not just for the rewards. Or rather, that doing it well is it’s own reward.

Rin still gets letters, mostly from her younger sister Aka-Ryuuzaki no Yoarashi no Hitomi-hime Karin, demanding she return and do her duties, that she’s an embarrassment to the House, that her lot in life is to win the throne for her family. Letters that chide and chastise. She responds with enthusiastic reports about her latest adventures, when she bothers to write back at all.

Over the last few years, the elegant, charming princess-idol has fallen away, revealing the smart-mouthed, clever, fun-loving rogue beneath. Now, if only she could find a group with as much enthusiasm as her…

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