Nevesen Vermillion

Nevesen Vermillion
Age: 28
Race: Human

Appearance: Tall, lean, and considered very attractive by some, Nevesen (Sen for short) has medium-length white hair styled immaculately, ice-blue eyes, and medium tan skin free of blemishes (except her freckles). Her clothing style of choice is generally a short black dress, red stockings, knee-length leather boots, and a long black cloak that hides the pack she wears that holds her Ultima Armor, Ninaev.

Refresh: 3
Fate Points: 3

Stress Tracks:

Physical [][][][][]
Social [][][]
Mental [][][][]

*Special Aspect: Nice Bonus - to be used when needed!*

High Concept: I Cast Fist

— Skilled in Black magic, Sen's upbringing by parents of dubious alignment required she be as strong as possible, so she began to train in martial arts. Finding her own natural abilities and strength lacking, she conned an Ultima Armor, a retractable exoskeleton she named Ninaev, out of a friendly merchant and began fighting with it to improve her strength even more.

Magic (+5)

Alertness (+4)

Fists (+3)
Intimidation (+3)
Physique (+3)

Athletics (+2)
Lore (+2)
Presence (+2)
Will (+2)

Empathy (+1)
Stealth (+1)
Rapport (+1)
Survival (+1)

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