Mooly Garoya

Age: It's not polite to ask a moogle her age, kupo.
Description: Short, usually draped in the robes of a white mage. Her pom-pom sticks out from her robes, but her robes have a thin hood attached with a string that she can stick over her pom pom in harsh weather, or when she wants to make a fashion statement. Green eyes and accented wings round out the rest of the outfit.
Job: Shield
Refresh: 2

Stress Tracks
Minor Any
Major Any
Serious Any

Current Invokes: Just Reward (Aspect with one free invoke)
Honorary Sergants: Invoke to a social roll dealing with Military or Police in the Kingdom of Core
Key to the Town: Offical of the Kingdom of Core

I'll Get The Mop
The titans are a mess, and there's blood and grime everywhere. Who's going to clean that up? The warriors? No, they're too busy dealing with iron golems, goblins, and all manner of nasty things. My job is to keep your organs inside your body, and your flank shielded, so you can just worry about how many more times you have to hit that guy before he falls down. You just run along ahead, dear,
Invoke: Is very used to the "details" when it comes to a dust up with a Titan. Any collateral damage, specialty repairs or injuries, that sort of thing.
Compel: Worries incessantly. Can't help but want to run off after the team and try to keep them healed and buffed.


I'll Get The Mop
I'm Serious!
As a Bard…
Multi-Class Veteran Titanslayer
Happy Little Attitudes
Inner Spirit