Kupernicus Briar Luck von Thistle

(2 minors, 1 significant)

Kupernicus Briar Luck von Thistle

Age: A young moogle, Kupernicus has barely started on his Moogle's journey.
Race: Moogle
Appearance: Fuzzy with bat-like wings, Kupernicus is a moogle. His fur pattern is similar to the lucky cat's, and he wears his pom-pom in a swept forward style that might be quite dashing, if it didn't come off as adorable, and if it was at all dashing. He wears his golden Valvis Cloak over more plain clothing, and the Ultima gear itself is worn under a green overcoat. Usually carries a bo stick and a collection of other hardware.

High Concept: High-Rolling Moogle of Fortune!
Trouble: Deadbeat With A Pom-Pom Pompadour
Other Aspects: Cuddly and Carefree Charisma, Strange Friends in Strange Places
Job/Ultima: Helm, Valvis Cloak
Refresh: 4

Stress Tracks
Minor Any
Major Any
Serious Any

High-Rolling Moogle of Fortune!
Invoke: Be a moogle, to make a good bet, for luck, for adventure time! (Great show.)
Compel: To be moogled, to be tempted by a gamble or gambit he shouldn't take, for adventure (to get pulled in to something).

Deadbeat With A Pom-Pom Pompadour
Invoke: A man's pop-pop is his pride-kupo! Among moogles, it's dashing.
Invoke: When dodging work or making a complicated scheme to avoid simple work/payment.
Compel: A man's pop-pop is his pride-kupo! Wait, as a compel?
Compel: To duck out of paying a debt, to skip out on hard work.

Cuddly and Carefree Charisma
Invoke: To be seen as adorable (especially against non-moogles), to make a good first impression, when trying to talk his way out of or into trouble, to be unphased by a depressing situation.
Compel: To be seen as soft and weak, to not be taken seriously, to ignore responsibilities, to have failed to plan ahead.

Strange Friends in Strange Places
Invoke: To know just the person — well, someone he knows, kupo, or maybe his black sheep cousin.
Invoke: For knowledge from a previous chance encounter with an NPC.
Compel: For the friend to be somewhat useless; for a friend to be in trouble and need help.

Foul-Weather Flattery and a Silver Tongue
Invoke: To convince someone to do what he wants, to choose the right words at the right time, to spar verbally, to improve someone's self-opinion.
Compel: To be taken as insincere when that isn't the case, to have been too lavish with praise (hard to blame someone you were just talking up)

In the Eye of the Maelstrom
Invoke: To emerge unscathed in the midsts of a disaster, to cause a disaster when one would be convenient
Compel: For disaster or bad luck to strike, to get pulled into bad events, to get shot at by Viera.

Helming it Up
Invoke: Determine how to take on the enemy, make or improvise plans, keep everyone working together… to have brains, and perhaps even use them.

Friend of the Wind
Invoke: To be hella good at flying, to survive a tumble or fall, to make a desperate jump or a longer-ranged throw.
Compel: Some people don't think hoodies are fashionable. Fie on them, I say.


Superb (+5) : Rapport
Great (+4)  : Melee,
Good (+3)   : Stealth,  Deceit,      Empathy
Fair (+2)   : Burglary, Athletics,   Lore,     Resources
Average (+1): Presence, Performance, Contacts, Alertness

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