Kiev Valkaire
Age: 26
Appearance: Male, Green eyes and Blond hair back in a ponytail at the back of his neck. Slim and Athletic.
Job: Sword
Refresh: 2

Stress Tracks
Physical C:

+2 Physical when in Crescent
+3 Armor in Crescent

Minor Any
Major Any
Serious Any

High Concept: Engineer in Motion
— He has always loved speed and building, usually the two going together hand in hand. To him, if he is not working on something, he is not living. Whether he is working on Crescent, running through the city, or even working an odd job around Core, he is happy.
Invoke: Figuring out magitech, when has to do something fast, to ignore distractions
Compel: Impatience, Rash thinking, Overconcentrating on a problem.

  • Engineer In Motion
  • Pack-Rat
  • From Humble Inventions, With Meager Wages
  • Escaping, Chasing a Shooting Star
  • In the Nick of Time
  • Moogles…Why is it Always Moogles?

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