Katrina Lilly

Katrina Lilly

Magical Girl Alias: Magic Knight Precious
Type of Girl: Insecure, Left Out, Determined, Quiet
Motivation for Contract: Her life seems empty and purposeless, so she accepted the contract in hopes of finding something to give it meaning.
Wish: She wishes to know who she really is.

Element: Gravity
Attributes: Fury 3, Heart 8, Magic 7
Magical Weapon: Two-handed Hammer

Magical Power: Gravity Control. She can adjust how strongly gravity affects objects, of a mass up to around her own.

Magical Effects:
Magic Strike - When rolling damage, you can take an additional point of Overcharge on the attribute you used for the attack to inflict an additional 1d6 damage. You can only do this once per attacks, and not on attacks against multiple targets.
Magic Shield - At any time you can take a point of Overcharge (to any attribute) to add +3 to your defensive attribute or that of another magical girl against one attack. You cannot use this multiple times against a single attack.

Finishing Attack:
Powerful Attack - Your attack is especially potent, and inflicts an additional 1d6+6 damage.

Costume: Katrina's transformation costume consists of knee-high black boots with purple trim over thigh-high purple & white striped stockings. It includes a short purple skirt with black trim, tied at the back with purple bow with long tails. The top consists of a black corset with white trim, and a high-collared sleveless white top with purple trim. She has black fingerless, elbow length gloves. Her hair is pulled back into a loose ponytail tied with a purple bow. Her eyes and hair turn a dark violet color with streaks of black and white.

Relationships: Momo (Magic), Ruby (Magic), ??? Person (Magic), Ms. Ioroi (Heart), Kasuga (Fury)

Crisis: Katrina woke up one day several months ago in a large apartment she does not recognize, completely alone. She didn't remember anything other than her name. No-one else lived in the apartment, and what few clues there are to her identity seem almost artificial - implied instructions as to who she's supposed to be, like the school uniforms and directions to the school. Katrina has been going through the motions of this life, attending school and so forth. Other people seem to remember her to some degree, not acting shocked when she shows up for class or treating her as a complete stranger, but she hasn't found anyone who is (or was) actually close to her.

Meeting the Tsukaima: A few weeks ago, Katrina woke up to find a strange creature waiting for her in the apartment. It told her it could help her find out who she was. Katrina accepted the contract in hopes of finding a purpose for her life and people to share it with.

Description (pre-Transformation): Katrina has long auburn hair and gray eyes. She is about 5'6" tall, and rather curvy, which is something she's sometimes a bit embarassed about. She is 16; her birthday is about 6 months away.

Overcharge: 0F/0H/0M

Resolve: 7/13