Against the Titans! - Titans & Other Foes


Catalyst infused monsters, Titans are universally hostile to non-Titan life forms. The amount of Catalyst that can be harvested from a defeated Titan depends on their size and increases exponentially.

Gorgons (Common Titans)

The smallest titans, most are simply normal animals that have become mutated by exposure to Catalyst. Many just become larger and more aggressive, though some develop unusual abilities. A small percentage are actually animated plants. No one specifically hunts Gorgons since they give up so little Catalyst for the effort, but most larger Titans are found in the presence of Gorgons and if some find their way into the path of a Titanslaying company, well, there's no reason to look a gift horseclaw in the mouth. Occasionally the military will contract Titanslayers to help clear a larger Gorgon infestation for security reasons.


A special class of Gorgons, Goblins are a type of Titanspawn - beings apparently created entirely by Catalyst. No one's actually sure if goblins are hordes of creatures, or all one creature with many bodies the way natural creatures have many limbs. Individual goblins are themselves not dangerous, but in groups they're very dangerous. There are several rarer, larger sub-varieties of goblins. Hobgoblins are the next most common, and tend to be more cunning and controlled. They are slightly larger than goblins. Bugbears are even bigger, and very aggressive. Ogres are massive, often exceeding ten feet in height, and incredibly strong, but in exchange are much more simple minded. Exactly how these creatures come into being is unclear.

Giants (Lesser Titans)

Giants are significantly larger than Gorgons, and are infused with an exponentially greater amount of Catalyst. They are also more twisted and mutated by their exposure to Catalyst, to the point that no two are alike, even to the extent that two natural animals are alike. Giants can be placed in broad categories, but this only provides a very general idea of the nature of any given Giant. To draw an analogy, lions and tigers and cheetahs are all similar enough to clearly fall into the same category of cats. But in the case of Giants, there is only one tiger and one lion and one cheetah.

Known Giant categories include:

  • Common Giants - roughly humanoid creatures, often infused with elemental aspects. Several subtypes - Mountain, Storm, Sea - are recognized as well.
  • Dire Beasts - greatly enlarged and mutated natural creatures. Some dire beasts are also infused with elements. These variants are often called Jinn.
  • Golems - animated stone or other pieces of terrain.
  • Treants - animated plants or fungus.

True Titans

True Titans are almost unbelievably huge creatures, infused with truly massive amounts of Catalyst. They are so vast as to be more like mobile landforms than creatures. Mobile mountains and islands, or stranger things. When they first form, True Titans seem most literally to embody this idea, but over time the Catalyst can transform them into almost any form. No two Titans are alike, and are so variable as to defy even broad categorization. Worse, their forms can change over time. This is generally a gradual process, but can happen suddenly and without warning.

True Titans are often given names if they survive past their discovery. Some have been active for decades, sought by Titanslayers but as yet undefeated.

Grand Titans

Semi-mythical, known only from a handful of sightings on the furthest Wildlands, Grand Titans dwarf even the True Titans. None of have been confirmed to exist, but if one should be found, it would be the most powerful being encountered since the disappearance of the gods.