Against the Titans! - Chapter List

Book 1: In the Countess' Service

Chapter 5

The company faces down Steropes, the Lightning Eye Titan. After a tough battle, the defeat it and save Blackthorne! After bringing the townsfolk back, they are the focus of a celebration and amply rewarded. Soon after they return to Castle Ridge, where the Countess provides the rest of their reward - as well as a basket of mint snacks - then invites them to dinner. She also provides access to the dockyards at the Castle should the Company desire to upgrade their ship.

Chapter 4

The Endeavor returns to the Blackthorne! Along with a small force led by Leftenant Gorju, they launch an attack against the goblin horde occupying the town! They face down bugbears and a massive salamander as well. But just as victory seems assured… The titan comes!

Chapter 3

The Company has found the lost villagers of Blackthorne! After a period of discussion with the town leaders, they decide to return to Blackthorne and drive out the goblins! Along the way they reconcile Mayor Starkad and Leftenant Gorju, and Nevesen discovers the apothecary is more than he seems. The also find an old comrade of Artemis, who joins the crew.

Chapter 2

The Company flies to the rescue at Broken Tooth Pass! They fought off a horde of goblins assaulting the fort, and just in time too. Now they meet with the leaders of the town to decide what to do next.

Chapter 1

The Company investigates the town of Blackthorn, discovering that the population has fled an encroaching goblin horde. They've made for the mining settlement of Ocraoake by way of Broken Tooth Pass. They also find Guinney, a lost Onogan girl who likes food and not being alone and doesn't like scary things. She hands over a letter from the mayor explaining what happened. Returning to their airship, the Company makes a dramatic exit just as some goblins try and fail to spring a trap. They make for Broken Tooth Pass, only to find the townsfolk besieged in the old fort by a goblin horde!


The Company arrives at Castle Ridge and get a job from Countess Alys. Also mints. The village of Blackthorn has gone strangely quiet, and Countess Alys doesn't have the people to investigate properly, having sent most of her forces in the other direction to deal with a pirate attack on a mine. Upon signing the Contract, the Countess invokes Clause 6 and the Company departs for adventure!