Against the Titans! - The Titanslayer Company

The Company

Current Wealth & Rewards

79 catalyst

A Mysterious Map
Of a Wildland, possibly Forsaken, showing a city set in a canyon. Very old.
Key to the Town
One free Invoke to any social roll involving a civilian official of the Kingdom of Core
Honorary Sergeants
One free Invoke to any social roll involving a military official of the Kingdom of Core
Just Reward (2)
One free Invoke per party member to any roll
Defenders of the Crown
When displaying your medal, you get one free invoke for the scene when interacting with loyal subjects of the Crown socially. However, when dealing with enemies of the Crown socially, they get one free invoke against you if your medal is displayed.

Titans Defeated

Steropes, the Lightning Eye Titan
Trophy: A large piece of his crystal eye lens.



In combat, the Endeavor counts as its own special Zone. Barring obstructions, it can be adjacent to any one other Zone in the scene. It can be moved to another Zone as a supplemental action. With a Pilot roll, it can be moved to any other Zone, barring obstructions.

Anyone on the Endeavor has the Cover aspect, with one free Invoke. This can only be used for defending against attacks made from another Zone.

Additionally, the Endeavor can suffer consequences to protect its occupants against attacks. It has one Minor, one Major, and one Sever consequence. If the Major consequence is filled, the Cover aspect is lost. If the Severe consequence is filled, the ship crashes in its current Zone and cannot be restored to operation until after the scene.

In an emergency, the ship can take an Extreme consequence to prevent all damage to occupants for the current turn. However, the ship is then destroyed and crashes in its current Zone. Restoring it operation would require significant effort.

The ship can be attacked directly as well; in this case, the operator defends with a Pilot roll. Additionally, the operator may choose to take consequences to reduce damage to the ship.

It has a snazzy new paintjob.

It carries 7 sets of aquatic diving equipment.


Armor 1

Stress & Consequences

Refuel: 10


The Endeavor has three crew slows. Crew provide extra skills, or a stunt.


+1 Craft (+3 when cooking), +4 Physique (+6 for lifting and carrying)

Hadaranan and Lads

+2 Ranged, +2 Pilot, +2 Craft


The ship has four upgrade slots. One Weapon, one External, one Internal, and one Wildcard.

Thunderlance (Weapon)

Can be used for Ranged or Ramming.
As a Ranged attack, Weapon 2 and Lightning, range 5.
As a Ramming attack, Weapon 4 and Lightning, Pilot roll to attack.



Crane (5)
+4 to Physique to lifting things onto the ship.


Luxury Interior
One additional crew slot.


Potential Upgrades


External Upgrades

Reinforced Hull (10)
+1 Armor
Reinforced Decks (10)
+2 stress
Spotlight (5)
+2 to Investigation, ignore penalties for darkness, but is obvious
Launch (20)
A smaller airship! It lets you split up or fly to places the Endeavor is too big to fit in. It's not very tough though - OOO (-2/-4) - and it has no room for upgrades or weapons.

Internal Upgades

Faster Engines (5)
+2 to Piloting rolls when speed is factor.
Improved Controls (5)
+2 to Piloting rolls to maneuver.
Medical Bay (10)
Helps with the healing process
Trophy Room (5)
Stores mementos of prior adventures. Helpful for Artemis arm cannon, also +2 to Lore involving enemies.

Generic Upgrades

Lengthened (20)
One additional Wildcard upgrade slot. Can be taken more than once. Refueling costs +5 Catalyst per adventure.

Cosmetic Upgrades

New Paintjob (2)
People are more likely to recognize you!