Against the Titans! - Background & Setting Information

The Sealed Realms

Though they have opened, the twinned worlds of Core and Chrysalis are still known collectively as the Sealed Realms. For most of its history, the Sealed Realms contained many different communities and small nations, independent but often jostling for power. A short time before the Day of Emergence, though, most of the Sealed Realms became part of the Golden Accord, and thus subjects of the Kingdom of Core.


Core at night.
The heart of the Sealed Realms, Core is a small globe covered entirely in an immense city. The city itself is referred to as Core, and is currently ruled as a single Kingdom. The Queen directs Core from the Palace of Winds, a great floating palace that wanders across the skies above the city.

The Kingdom of Core

Centuries ago Core was a mess of competing polities and principalities. The House of Kuristei, rulers of the small polity of Kelos, began a surprising rise to power. Through marriage alliances, conquest, and political machination the Duchy of Kelos became the most powerful nation on Core, before its growth stalled when the remaining states formed into the Blue Alliance and the rival Kingdom of Ferdans. This tripartite balance existed for over a hundred years. Then, Valan of Kelos struck an unlikely alliance with the fearsome Viera of Chrysalis. The Viera lead Kelos' armies into victory against Ferdans. Then, to everyone's surprise, Valan offered to join the Blue Alliance on behalf of Kelos, merging the two nations. After much negotiation, the Alliance agreed. Valan became King of the combined nations, in exchange for promising to uphold the rights guaranteed by the Alliance and to create an elected Council that would share the burdens and powers of leadership. The new Kingdom of Core was born the day the Golden Accord was signed.

Over the years the Kingdom continued to consolidate power in the Sealed Realms. The larger nations of Chrysalis joined the Golden Accord and sent their own representatives to the Council, or were crushed by the combined power of Core and the Viera.


The Peoples of the Sealed Worlds


The most populous race of Core and among the most common on Chrysalis, humans are known for being adaptable and adventurous, if often impulsive and occasionally xenophobic. Humans founded the original city Core was formed from alongside their old allies, the moogles, and continue to dominate its politics today. Humans are also believed to have pioneered the use of White Magic.


A common race on both Core and Chrysalis, Corvus are avians who possess shocking strength and a strong sense of community. As a result Corvus flocks can be found all over, and they particularly dominate trades where raw strength is valued, such as blacksmithing and shipping. Corvus are also prized as bodyguards. Corvus can be a bit provincial, however, and not terribly trusting of those outside their chosen flock. Corvus have occasionally raised great kingdoms but in the current age few are members of the nobility. In ages past they were constant foes of the Orgen and the Viera. The former rivalry is still very much in force, though the latter as faded since the Golden Accord.


An old ally of humans, moogles are adept with mechanics, engineering, and magic. They were the first to master Black Magic, but are equally adept with White, and from their numbers came the first Red Mages. Moogles invented airships and designed much of Core and many of the wonders of the modern age, including telegraph and the various applications of Catalyst. Moogles are rare outside of Core, and tend to be insular, forming tight knit communities, and are usually quite content to stay close to home. However every young moogle is sent out to see the world, and more than a few become infected with Wanderlust, so moogles can be found nearly anywhere.


A canine race of wildly varying appearance, Orgens are the most diverse people of the Sealed Realms. They are the second most populous race of the Sealed Realms and until the Golden Accord were humans greatest rivals. They tended to rule fractious kingdoms on Chrysalis, and are much rarer on Core. Relations between the human nobility and orgens still tend to be a bit strained, and revolutionary factions of all sorts recruit heavily among the orgen. Many orgen have also emigrated to the colonies or to Chrysalis. One of the few remaining independent nations is the orgen dominated Principality of Horbec, on the upper part of Chrysalis. Orgen tend to be very class conscious and hierarchical. They have a shared cultural myth of independent wandering warriors who dispense justice and protect the weak.


A reptilian race who have variously allied with humans and orgens, lumerians tend to be very logical and unemotional. They do well as administrators and merchants. Though originally from Core, they have spread anywhere commerce or the Kingdom of Core's bureaucracy appears.


The wildborn, Viera are feared warriors who spent most of history defending their rugged homelands on Chrysalis from all threats, real and perceived, and occasionally conquering large swaths of Chrysalis - and for a time even an entire Spire and part of Core - before letting their empires quietly evaporate when the charismatic leader who had initiated it died or retired to something else. Viera are matriarchal, as Vieran women are larger and stronger than the men. They are the tallest of the races of the Sealed Realms. Viera go through intense training in their youth, and serve in their military forces for several decades afterwards. Because of their long lives, Viera will take on many different roles at different times. They do so in a form of sequential obsession, putting all their efforts and attention into whatever they are currently doing, until they decide to move on - which can occur at surprising times. Valan of Kelos managed to establish a long lasting alliance with the Viera, who supply the Royal Guard of Core and form the backbone of Core's military.


A race apparently closely related to humans, Wukon tend to be curious and inventive, but don't cooperate with each as well as humans do. Wukon tend to be very individualistic and rather quarrelsome. Wukon are rather simian in appearance. Wukon seem to have a knack with magic.

The Wildlands


The Wildland closest to Chrysalis and Core. The first to be settled, but to its mountainous and rugged terrain is a challenge, even without the presence of Titans. It has great mineral wealth, but is a hard place to live. The largest settlement is Landfall, on the slops of Challenger Peak. The New Charter has established Castle Ridge on the far side of Summit.The area around Castle Ridge has not been fully cleared and plenty of Gorgons and Giants can be found, with the possibility of True Titans.


The second Wildland out from the Sealed Worlds, Arbor is much more inviting than Summit. Covered in thick, verdant forests of every description, Arbor is the most settled of the Wildlands. In addition to lumber, all sorts of fruits, medicinal plants, and wildlife can be found on Arbor. The largest settlement is Canopy.


Covered in broad seas and deep oceans, Lagoon is dotted with islands and archipelagos. All manner of fish and the bounty of the sea can be found here. Lagoon is home to a large number of ocean going Titans, which are large even by those stands, so the population tends to stick to the fortress city of Caldera.

Range and Erg

The twin Wildlands, Range and Erg are both dry worlds with few mountains and no seas. Range includes some large islands, and is covered in savanna, steppes, meadows, and other grasslands, dotted with small forests and badlands. Erg lacks even lakes, an arid land covered in many deserts and badlands. It has more, if isolated, mountains and rocky hills, with deep canyons suggesting the existence of rivers in the past. Erg has the most ancient ruins, next to Forlorn. Only a few isolated forts exist on Erg, notably Wadi Fortress. Range is the most popular destination for new immigrants and supports a very active Titanslaying community, though hunting is getting thin. The biggest settlement on Range is Sofiya City, named for the former Queen of Core.


The furthest out and least explored of the Wildlands, Forlorn is home to countless cyclopean ruins and strange monuments. Nature is twisted and strange on Forlorn, alien compared to the Sealed Worlds and even the other Wildlands. Rumors abound that it was the home of evil deities. Forlorn crawls with Titans. Of all the Wildlands, it is the most dangerous. Even Titanslayers step carefully. There are no permanent settlements on Forlorn, though the Crown has recently dispatched the massive airship Aurora Sentinel to serve as a base for further exploration.

Further Wildlands

There are additional smaller worlds scattered among the primary ones. There is also evidence of additional major Wildlands beyond Forlorn, but they have yet to be discovered.