Against the Titans!

Against the Titans! is a game of high fantasy and high adventure in the Revealed Worlds. As heroes of the Sealed Realms, you hunt the terrible monsters known as Titans. Animated and twisted by the power of Catalyst, these hostile creatures roam the Wildlands and seek to destroy any attempt at civilization. As Titanslayers you defend these colonies - and seek to recover Catalyst to power the new technologies and magics of the modern world.

Glory and riches await! Are you prepared to journey into the Wilds and face the Titans?

Character Creation and Rules

Against the Titans! uses the FATE rules. Prepare your character's Aspects, Skills, Role, and Ultima Gear for the battles ahead.

The History of the World

Long ago, the gods fought a war against each other. In order to keep the various peoples of the world from disappearing in the chaos, some of the gods decided to seal them into a safe haven until the war ended. They took the greatest city of the world as a seed, and to protect it wrapped a shell around it. On the inside of the shell they place forests and seas and plains, all the wild places as a place for those creatures and peoples who preferred them. The city became known as Core, and the shell around it was the Chrysalis. These two worlds were connected by the Grand Spires, and fleets of airships plied the skies between. In this way, the people of the Sealed Realms survived.

For several millennia - no one remembers truly how long - the Sealed Realms remained closed out, hidden away from the chaos and war outside. The people of Core and Chrysalis had their own rivalries, their own kingdoms and wars, alliances and revolutions. Many forgot about the world outside.

All this changed on the Day of Emergence. That day, the people of the Sealed Realms awoke to see a bright line of light spreading across the central seas of Chrysalis. The line grey wider and brighter over hours, and then a gap of blue appeared. Like a splitting shell, Chrysalis opened. Each half spread out into a slightly bowl like disk, above and below Core, still connected by the Spires. And the changed world outside was revealed.

The Sealed Realms were at the center of a collection of great spheres of land, worlds in their own rights. In fact, each was larger than the Sealed Realms. These Wildlands circled out in the airy Ether, beckoning explorers and adventurers. The Wildlands proved to be worlds empty of people, rich in resources and life. In some places great and ancient ruins stood, but no living person was found. The gods themselves were nowhere to be found. For a time, after the first airships managed to make their tentative way outward, it was a new age of expansion and hope.

But on these new worlds there were dangers. Initially it was simply the challenge of an untamed wilderness, animal or environmental. Then came stranger things. True monsters, hostile and strange creatures who were impossible to reason with and sought only to wreak destruction on the colonies. These settlements soon became fortresses, and more warriors rather than settlers set out for the new worlds. It made a hard life harder, but it could be managed.

Until the true Titans appeared.

Living weapons of immense size and power, the Titans dwarfed the earlier foes in every way. Colonies were no longer simply besieged. They were destroyed. Within a few years only the most well defended and remote still survived. Even those were coming apart, as those settlers still alive fled back to the Sealed Realms. It appeared that the colonies would cease to exist, that the people would be driven back to Core and Chrysalis for all time.

Into this age of despair stepped the first Titanslayer. Crown Princess Varakyn, heir to the throne of Core. Years before she had lead a force of elite guards against a Titan. This act of bravery won her great respect, though the battle was a total defeat. Varakyn nearly lost her life and did lose an arm. Once she recovered, her father kept her locked away in the Palace of Winds. But Varakyn knew her destiny. In defiance of the King's orders, she secretly gathered a company of adventurers. She gave them incredible new armors and weapons, based on the revolutionary design of her own magical-mechanical prosthetic. These became known as Ultima Gear, drawing on the power of the small amounts of Catalyst recovered so far. So equipped, this company succeeded where all others had failed. They slew a True Titan on Summit, the nearest of the Wildland worlds.

This incredible feat was made all the more important when it became clear the Titan's body contained vast amounts of Catalyst. Varakyn, the Titanslayer, soon ascended to the throne in her own right. Proclaiming that the future lay in the Wildlands, she called on heroes to come forward to face the Titans themselves. She signed Letters of Marque and Charters for dozens of Titanslaying companies, and the new age truly began.

This is the Age of Destiny.